Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No news is . . . no news.

The special meeting of the village board was cancelled.  Mayor Dungan and both working trustees showed up, and there was some confusion on the part of Trustee Osborne about whether a meeting was even scheduled, but no meeting took place.

According to Dungan, the outstanding personnel issue which led to the special meeting "became moot" after discussion with the village attorney, but there was not enough time to cancel it in advance.

A journalist who was present asked about "rampant speculation" that the personnel issue was, in fact, an attempt to replace Trustee Kimbiz.  Dungan asserted that such was not the case.

I asked the mayor about his letter to the New Paltz Times, asserting that mayor-elect West should remember that Trustee Kimbiz was elected with over 900 votes, while West was voted in with around 400.

"It was off by a factor of ten," he said, with no further explanation.

The reorganization meeting for the village will take place on June 8.

1 comment:

bd said...

Liars, rank amateurs, Liars, children & Liars,, the whole lot of 'em,,

Dungan is the most embarrassing elected official the Village has seen in some time & man, they have a whole lot of 'em,,

Village Politics & Government had become a laughing pathetic situation under Dungan, Osborn, Gallucci & Kimbiz,
I / We hope the West administration can bring civility, TRUTH & good governance back to our Historic yet outmoded Village.