Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grow up and vote!

A New Paltz lawn decoration
I invited all the mayoral candidates to put a sign on my lawn.  Only one responded, and my wife saw the sign, but I never did.  By the time I stepped outside on Sunday, both our sign and the one across the street (for the same candidate) were gone.

This has happened before, and I warned the candidates of the possibility.  But I was expecting signs to go missing in the dark of night, when the students are crawling back to bed, and that they would be replaced with lawn decorations.  When I have invited businesses to put a sign on my lawn, that's usually what happens.  They disappear, either to be tossed into the undergrowth or to hang on a dorm room wall.

But these signs disappeared on a Sunday morning, when the alcohol which promotes mischief has moved on to creating stupor and hangovers.  My previous political sign took effort to remove, so I suspected foul play; this one was much easier to take, but I think it was more likely an opponent, not an admirer, who nicked it.

I guess over 200 years of being a college town takes its toll on the adults, too.  But I still love this town, despite the ninnies and cowards who share it with me.

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