Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Message from Don Kerr about the New Paltz Village Elections


I have attended 2 of 5 candidate forums during this Village NP election season and feel that New Paltz is blessed with a wealth of qualified candidates.

I will be voting for Sally Rhoads, Ariana Basco and Stewart Glenn for Village Trustee.

Sally has served our Village so well in so many different capacities over the years, that she can be counted on to bring reason and vision to the table. Sally is an advocate who is able to compromise - a rare combination. Having watch Ariana work on the Police Commission, I have been impressed by the tough questions that she has asked and for not backing down when challenged. She's is smart and tough. Stewart Glenn has been involved in local governments for years - just not in New Paltz. We could use his experience in law, government and business on the Village board.

I will not be endorsing Mayoral candidates - some friends running against each other.

I WILL say that the anti West election eve attack post card that I received in today's mail - with info too late to refute - was one of the more cowardly and sleazy things I have seen in a local election in a while. That tactic - employed successfully by bigot US Senator Jesse Helms - shows that one of the other candidates for NP Mayor is unfit to hold the office. What a low blow .....

Whomever you choose to vote for, please come out and fulfill your responsibility to our democracy.

Don Kerr


Jacob Lawrence said...

Any results from the Village election yet?

Terence said...

Jacob, yes, they were posted here: