Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day in New Paltz - Human (Daisy) Chain to shut down Indian Point

via organizer Alice Andrews -


The tragic nuclear disaster at Fukushima is proving to be a frightening reminder of what could go wrong here. While Governor Cuomo is in favor of shutting Indian Point down, it's far from closing. Let's remind Cuomo, and other powers that be, that this should be a priority and that we want it shut down now!

If you're a mom, have a mom, want to be a mom, or know a mom, come join our... human (daisy) chain on Mother's Day--in New Paltz*, NY.

Sunday, May 8 · 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Please bring a daisy or another flower of your choice. We will hold or wear these flowers for Mother's Day--to celebrate nature, life, simplicity, and beauty. For peace.

The chain will start on Route 299 near Wallkill View Farm Market in New Paltz, NY. (15 Rt 299.)

We will have a moment of silence for Japan and its people.

RAIN DATE: SUNDAY, May 15th at 1pm.

*New Paltz is about 50 miles from Buchanan, NY, the site of the Indian Point nuclear plant. FIfty miles is significant, as the US NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) recently recommended a 50-mile-radius evacuation at Fukushima.

Here's a little clip to get you in the mood for Sunday's Human (Daisy) Chain to shut down Indian Point!


bd said...

With all due respect,, SEEMS DUMB !
1st why would ya wanna shut down a safely operated plant because of an earthquake in Japan?
Because the Left has always wanted to drag us back to the Dark Ages with wind & other make-believe alternatives to actual energy producing ways of getting our lights turned on ?

or whatever the true underlying reasons for this exercize in futility how would you propose to energise NYC & the 'burbs without Indian Point ?
And what possible result did they expect from a freakin' Daisy Chain in New Paltz?
as mastubatory an exercise as writing your elected officials, in my opinion.
Wake up, my friends,, THIS is the REAL World,

Money is screaming louder than we can & THAT is THAT.
Enjoy the Spring in other ways that dont tie up Traffic or make NP the laughing stock of Tourist destinations.

Terence said...

I would just like to acknowledge that this is the 200th post on the Gadfly. Seems we weren't counting!

bd said...

BTW,,, NY DEC Regional Director Janeway AGREES with ME !

Saw his comments on YNN & then I spoke with him Friday, last @ Mohonk.

WE NEED INDIAN POINT was his comment,, & then he expanded further,,

just sayin'


Terence said...

One thing that came out of the Japan quake was that I finally learned how nuclear power works. I always assumed that "tapping the power of the atom" involved, well, something really scientific and cool. Instead, turns out we just use radioactive material to heat up water, so we can turn steam turbines.

In fact, it's not only the most expensive way to boil water, it's pretty much the most expensive way to generate electricity, too. Our country's energy policy preserves the use of oil because it's [still relatively] cheap, and encourages the use of nuclear power despite the fact it's not.

Environmental questions aside, that makes zero business sense, unless somebody's getting paid where I can't see it. Surely there are less expensive alternatives to nuclear power?

kt tobin said...

@butch - i'm very surprised willie said that, and will ask him about it. here's what riverkeeper has to say about the so-called need for indian point:

bd said...

Saw his comments in print.