Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No Petrol Day this Saturday 6/4

Saturday, June 4 11:00am to 2:00pm at the Water Street Market

The first 100 people to arrive by foot or bike (any other means than gasoline) to Water Street Market this Saturday get a free t-shirt designed by New Paltz Middle School art students. Enter a FREE raffle to receive a mountain bike valued at $400 donated by The Bicycle Depot!! Come get information from sponsors New Paltz GreenWorks, the Climate Action Coalition, and the Bike/Ped Committee and enjoy live music, button making and free popcorn.


Anonymous said...

Seems DUMB !!!

Terence said...

Thank you for that well-thought-out and articulate criticism of the event. I can feel my brain expanding even now.

Anonymous said...

the 1st comment seemed self-explanatory -
What part did you need explained ?
It seems dumb to have a " No Petrol" Day as if that will do one thing to resolve the problem.

Like those stupid "Women in Black"
All they do is scare people away from the Elting Library, they used to just castigate President Bush using the War as a beard for their hatred of all things GOP, but now that the same war is Barry Obama's War, all they can do is masturbate publicly for some other made up "protest"

Like 8:19am said,, " Seems Dumb"

Terence said...

Usually mocking people who comment anonymously is enough to get them to stop using this convenience as a means of cowardly attack. Clearly the sniveling keyboard jockeys who skulk in the shadows of our community can't be trusted with that right, so I'm revoking it. Get an account, and have the balls to say who you are, or take a hike, loser.

All have the right to disagree, but anyone who lacks the integrity to put his or her name to words like that is a sad excuse for an adult.