Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Picks in the Village Election

For mayor, I'll be voting for Jason West and for the 4-yr trustee seat I'll be voting for Ariana Basco.

kt tobin

(I think Terence is still undecided, not sure if we will be hearing his picks anytime soon.)


bd said...

Why not mention Paul Bunt & Stewart Glenn too,,

ya got a problem with Kip Ruger ?

GOOD community people with a sense of the historical context of the Village,,
Only Sally can say that besides them,,

probably 200 years of NP history & public service in those three families, Ruger, Glenn & Bunt.

"You Can Look It Up"

Casey Stengel

Stephen said...

Telling us who you're voting for without revealing your reasons isn't much of an endorsement.

Martin McPhillips said...

Back in ancient history, in 2007, I gave Jason a stirring endorsement in the Beriapaltz Barbwire-Corset.* Alas, it did not sway the election.

In more recent ancient history ("ancient history" in America's new Year Zero culture now begins the day before yesterday), about a year ago, when Gadfly was a building hot spot of discussion before its proprietors all but abandoned it, Jason had presented his "100 Ideas for New Paltz."

After reading those I recall saying here that I was surprised to see that "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" had been left off the list. It seemed like a natural.

* Also known as the New Paltz Times.

Brittany Turner said...

Tomorrow, May 3, you'll be casting four votes - one for Mayor, two for four-year Trustees, and one for a two-year Trustee. It is my sincere hope that you consider casting each of these votes for the One Community Party - Pete Healey for Mayor, Sally Rhoads and Martin Sherow for the four-year seats, and Stewart Glenn for the two-year Trustee seat. You can do this by voting all the way down "ROW B." There are many other candidates, and I respect and like many of them. It will be tempting to pick-and-choose who you support, but I hope you'll decide to "vote the row."

I'm sure when you first heard of the One Community Party, your reaction was similar to many others. "He's running with who?" or "How did she get involved in that?" It is this diversity and broad representation of key groups in our community that make this slate so strong. They embody many interests and have varied opinions on key issues, yet they are clearly willing and able to work together for the greater good. Their experience and commitment to New Paltz is unparalleled, and I have no doubt that they are fully prepared to serve you well if elected.

Please, if you have not yet taken the time to do so, visit the One Community Party website at Forget what you've heard from others and read about their impressive platform for yourself. If you simply aren't sure why you should support one candidate over another, please contact me to discuss your concerns. I have worked closely with many of these candidates in the past and I am happy to discuss my thoughts on the pro's and con's of each candidate with you. You may also contact the slate directly, as I have given their contact information below.

My greatest fear is that by picking and choosing candidates, or accepting the status quo offered by incumbents, we will enter another 4-year period with a dysfunctional board that simply cannot work together, placing a high value on power and no value on civility, collaboration, and transparency. I believe that the One Community Party is the only group of candidates prepared to offer these principles to New Paltz and begin work on day one, because they're already doing it.

Again, I urge you to contact me if you remain unsure, and please forward this message to others who will be voting tomorrow. I have followed the work of many of these candidates closely over the last 11 years, and have even been supportive of some in the past, but New Paltz is at a point were we do not need to continue repeating past mistakes. The votes we cast tomorrow may be more important than ever.

The Village Election will be held at the Village Firehouse, 25 Plattekill Ave. from noon until 9pm.


Brittany Turner

One Community Party Contact Information:
Pete Healey, Mayoral Candidate - 845-399-3288 -
Sally Rhoads, 4-Year Trustee Candidate - 845-255-0253 -
Martin Sherow, 4-Year Trustee Candidate - 845-775-6030 -
Stewart Glenn, 2-Year Trustee Candidate - 845-256-1945 -

kt tobin said...

@stephen - click on the candidates' names, it will take you to my letters to the editor in support