Monday, May 16, 2011

Failing to dodge the bullet (or ball)

I got roped into playing dodge ball at a scholarship fundraiser over at the high school today.  This was the first year that the school board fielded a team (called "School Bored"), and it's no easy feat:  the board is seven members, but a team needs at least 8 to qualify (and can have 10 on the court at once).  Maria Rice says that 7 is the ideal number for a board, but not if you're playing dodge ball.  Some highlights:

  • Sally Rhoads, who volunteered to be mascot, rolled up her sleeves and played in both games (it was best two out of three, no third game necessary for us).  She lasted until the bitter end of both games, and hopes there will be proof to show her husband and grandchildren.
  • Patrick Rausch showed up for moral support, and joined the team in his button-down shirt, dress shoes, and slacks.  He showed amazing agility and took out more than one opponent, but hurt his ankle during the first game.  He played on the injury for several minutes before it was noted and he was pulled.  Patrick is the only school board candidate who played.
  • Steve Greenfield was no lame duck on the court, particularly after Patrick's injury.  Rausch was the last man standing when he was pulled, and Greenfield switched in for him for the last minute, starting at a four-to-one deficit.  He took one of the cocky bastards out before going down.
I'm hoping the school board passes a policy requiring board participation in this event, which is put on by NPUT to raise money for various scholarships.  I suggest that board members must play on the team, unless the either 1) find two replacements (we need to build membership) or 2) contribute _____ dollars towards buying the players cool shirts like the other teams had, or some combination of the two.

Bravo to the oldest team to hit the courts today in this, the most vicious sport ever devised for schoolchildren.

Please remember to vote in school district elections tomorrow, May 17!


kt tobin said...

i feel extremely left out of this post!

Terence said...

School teachers are required to acknowledge everyone so that we all feel like winners.

kt tobin said...

i was all by myself - for a long time! (well, it seemed like a long time to me ;)

Terence said...

Yes, but the last time Sally played (if ever) was probably before you were born. If you wanted to be epic you should nave recruited a less amazing crew.