Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Posted on the Village of New Paltz Website: Trustee Vacation?

From the Village website homepage:

To the Residents of the Village of New Paltz,

Americorps is a program organized by the Federal Government that links individuals looking to serve their communities with local or national public service projects. Participants in the various programs earn a Segal Americorps Education Award to pay for college or grad school, or to pay back qualified student loans. As a recent graduate who is dedicated to public service, I decided to apply and was accepted to a three month program in Nevada. I am positive that this experience will challenge me and give me new skills that will broaden my capabilities as a Trustee.

During my absence I will remain in contact with my fellow members of the Board and constituents via email, and stay up to date on all pressing issues, ie. My copy of the Draft Study of Full Municipal Consolidation Options is packed and ready to go along with me. Additionally, I have decided to forgo my Village salary for the time that I will be away. I could not in good conscience accept a wage wile unable to execute my duties as a Trustee fully.

Although it pains me to miss a summer in New Paltz, I believe that this is something that I have to do in order to grow as an individual and member of our community. I am confident that the Mayor and Trustees’ elect will transition seamlessly to conduct the daily business of the Village. New Paltz is my home and I am excited to return with greater insight into the meaning of public service.

Please feel free to contact me at and have a great summer!

Most Sincerely,
Brian Kimbiz

(Is this the same person that got 7 write-in votes in yesterday's school board election? Oh no, that was Brian Kazmin ;) )


Brittany Turner said...

Update on this coming at barbie blog tonight or tomorrow...

Terence said...

Do me a favor and link to this post when you do, Brittany - I'm trying to see how Blogger's backlinks feature works.

Martin McPhillips said...

Without Kimbiz there for the summer to dilute the volatile mixture of the new regime, that pot ought to come to a boil pretty quick.

bd said...

KImbiz was elected as a stooge for the Landlords, anyway

what a MAJOR DISAPOINTMENT that kid is,

Once he betrayed the NPVFD & sided with Dungan, Osborn & Gallucci,, I was done with his worthless butt.
I gave him a chance at first, but that ship sailed early.

Good Riddance. Shameful way of betraying his constituents. A child, not a man.