Saturday, April 2, 2011

Village of New Paltz Candidates for the May 3rd Elections

Jon Cohen
Jean Gallucci
Pete Healey
Jason West

4 Year Trustee (two seats)
Ariana Basco
Rick Bundt
Amy Cohen
Emily Crocetti
Sally Rhoads
Kip Ruger
Martin Sherow

2 Year Trustee (one seat)
Stewart Glenn
Shari Osborn


Pete Healey said...

Another way of listing the candidates, instead of alphabetical order, would be to list them by party affiliation:
One Community Party
Pete Healey, Mayor
Sally Rhoads, Trustee
Martin Sherow, Trustee
Stewart Glenn, Two-Year Trustee Seat

Groovy Blueberry Party
Jonathan Cohen, Mayor
Amy Cohen, Trustee
Emily Crocetti, Trustee

All Other Candidates are Running Individually
Cooperative Party
Jason West, Mayor

Village Unity Party
Jean Galucci, Mayor

Positive Party
Ariana Basco, Trustee

? Party
David Ruger, Trustee

? Party
Frederick Bunt, Trustee

? Party
Shari Osborn, Two-Year Trustee Seat

With the addition of the party names that I don't know yet, you can see how much more informative it is to list candidates in this way.

Pete Healey said...

That would be fine (to list everyone in alphabetical order) if everyone were running individually, but they aren't. In fact, more than half of the candidates are running on two party lines, and the other 6 candidates are running individually. It's a little different when you consider it that way, don't you think?

bd said...

Bruce Kazan & The Main Course will be sponsoring a Meet & Schmooze for the Village Voters & Village Candidates!
Wednesday, April 27th, 6:00pm.
Butch Dener will host the Event.

Appetizers will be served.

Please tell your friends & any & all of the Village Candidates you know.



Pete Healey said...

Even the Village Clerk recognizes the political parties and slates that candidates have joined, and organizes them accordingly. Then she picks party names out of a hat (this coming Monday at noon) to determine in what order they'll appear, 1st through 8th. Why can't we do that here? Would information about who is running with whom be prejudicial?

Paul Chauvet said...

A four candidate mayoral race is going to be VERY interesting. Any news on any debates?

Pete Healey said...

How about an equally arbitrary and meaningless alphabetical grouping of candidates like this:

Cooperative Party- Jason West

Groovy Blueberry Party- Jonathan Cohen

One Community Party- Pete Healey

Four Year Trustee

Groovy Blueberry Party-
Amy Cohen
Emily Crocetti

Independent Party-
Frederick Bunt

New Paltz Party-
David Ruger

One Community Party-
Martin Sherow
Sally Rhoads

Positive Party-
Ariana Basco

Two Year Trustee Seat

One Community Party-
Stewart Glenn

? Party-
Shari Osborn

bd said...

The Main Course is sponsoring a Meet & Schmooze with the Village Candidates on Wednesday, April 27th @ 6:00pm.
ALL Candidates are urged to attend & chat with the Village voting public & all other NP folks with an interest in Village Elections.
Butch Dener will "host" the Event.
So far, Kip Ruger & Jason West ( the cream of the crop imho) have RSVP'd positively.
Hope the others will attend, for the sake of a Public Dialogue !!!


bd said...

The Main Course will be hosting a Meet & Greet the Village Candidates on April 27th, Wednesday, @ 6pm.
This will NOT be a Debate but just a schmooze session with Villagers, Townsfolks, & Candidates.
Kip Ruger & Jason West, have RSVP'd. Hope the others join us, too.
Butch Dener will be the "MC" for the Event.
Appetisers will be courtesy of Bruce Kazan & The Main Course.
Please spread the word because I dont have all the e-mail addresses of the Village Candidates.
Plus some don't answer me or talk to me,,,
See ya @ The Main Course on the 27th !


bd said...

Wednesday, April 27th,@6p.m. Bruce Kazan & The Main Course will host a Meet & Greet with the 2011 Village Candidates.
This is NOT a debate but a forum for the voters to meet & schmooze with those folks wanting to represent the Villagers.
Butch Dener will "Host" the Event.

Delicious Appetizers will be served, courtesy of The Main Course.
Please tell everyone about this Event, also spread it to the Candidates because I do NOT have all of their addresses.
Jason West & Kip Ruger have already RSVP'd in the positive.Still waiting on word from the other candidates.



bd said...

Sorry for the multi-posts!!!

NOT intentional,, just cyber-challenged,,,

This site never "told" me my post was "accepted pending approval" til the last one,,



Martin McPhillips said...

I'll say who I like:

Jean Gallucci is the best qualified candidate to manage the village, head and shoulders over the others. She should, if village voters are thinking clearly, win the mayoral contest with a majority of votes cast. In other words, it shouldn't be close.

For the two four-year trustee seats, Rick Bunt and David Ruger both run businesses, which is important and would also work well with Gallucci's business-like approach to the management of the village.

For the two-year trustee seat, it's a tough choice. Stewart Glenn is by all appearances an impossibly decent person, far more than simply qualified for the job, but a question of good faith arises in my mind when someone runs for a position solely on the basis that he doesn't think that position should exist. On the other hand, Shari Osborn has just worn it out. But she shows good prudential judgement in running only for the two-year seat. It appears (all I can go by is the appearance, and sometimes that's sufficient) that she and Gallucci know how to get along and respect one another. So, I'm going to give the edge to Osborn over Stewart Glenn, based on the implicit issue of Glenn running, effectively, against the existence of the village. If it turns out that Osborn has also decided that the village should be exterminated (she should take one position or the other), then I have no preference.

I'm not going to change my preference for Gallucci as mayor, but pending further developments, I might revise and extend my remarks on the trustee contests.

Steven D. said...

I think it's interesting that while Jason West still seems to think the Mayor needs to make at least $40K (even though he says he won't push now in a bad economy), the current salary isn't so low to discourage the largest field in a long time. Four people running (and one who pledges not to take even the modest salary the postition pays).