Monday, April 11, 2011

Village Ballot Lottery Complete, Maybe

Today was the lottery drawing for the ballot order in the upcoming Village of New Paltz elections. Here are the results, in order of how they will appear in the voting booth:

1 Positive Party - Ariana Basco, Trustee (4 year seat)
2 One Community Party - Pete Healey, Mayor; Sally Rhoads, Trustee (4 year seat); Martin Sherow, Trustee (4 year seat); Stuart Glenn, Trustee (2 year seat)
3 New Paltz Party - Kip Ruger, Trustee (4 year seat)
4 Village Unity Party - Jean Gallucci, Mayor
5 Cooperative Party - Jason West, Mayor
6 Balance Party - Rick Bunt, Trustee (4 year seat)
7 Groovy Blueberry Party - Jon Cohen, Mayor; Amy Cohen, Trustee (4 year seat); Emily Crocetti, Trustee (4 year seat)
8 Community Connection Party - Shari Osborn, Trustee (2 year seat)

According to mayoral candidate Pete Healey, there is some concern/confusion about a few issues:
1 - Whether or not the ballot has room for 8 separate parties and if the last 2 or 3 may need to "share" a ballot line (and whether or not there is room for that)
2 - Whether or not it is legal to use the municipality name, "New Paltz", in a party name
3 - Whether or not more than one party can use the same word, in this case, "Community" in their name

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