Friday, April 22, 2011

Video from the Village Hall Debate

nppa23 on Broadcast Live Free

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Martin McPhillips said...

I should probably not comment on that one. Well, maybe I should, because target-rich environments of that kind only come along every so often. The first thing of note, however, is that I had to stop watching. It made KT's letter about the consolidation study seem like a scene from The Bourne Identity.

I've more or less pledged not to pick on poor old West. So the fun is already half gone before I start.

I take Peter seriously, from a literary point of view, but not as a political candidate. He should try journalism.

Jon Cohen strained my elastic appreciation for local color, such as it is.

Jean was just O.K.; perhaps she thought she was there to talk about the village.

The moderator's touch-feely approach was not helpful; a debate moderator should disappear and let the candidates take charge.