Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Meet-and-Greet Tonight at Main Course

6pm at Main Course, all candidates were invited, hosted by Butch Dener

Plenty of time to schmooze before heading over to Village Board.

Word on the street is that there might actually be a sighting of Martin (McPhillips, not Sherow), he'll be the one wearing the fez.


Martin McPhillips said...

So far, my inclination to attend has been diminishing. I guess a key question is will there be any cocktails available? That could be decisive.

And will there be any attraction (besides the appetizers) that transcends the showcasing of the been there, done that candidate for mayor?

My further hesitation derives from my restrained impulse to write about this election. I fear my own impressions of some of the candidates, and tremble at the thought of being unable to stop myself from using such terms as "superannuated simian imp," and possibly much worse.

So, be careful what you wish for, but update me on whether there will be a cash bar to civilize the occasion.

bd said...

actually, in my opinion, it is a good thing you didnt attend, Sir, if all you need is a cash bar.

the alcohol problem in this community & this Nation has gotten so out of hand,
There is more to life then a good stiff drink, ESPECIALLY @ a civic event.

I had almost 200 people @ my Fire Department appreciation Day & not one drop of booze - we had a grwat COMMUNITY time that day & last evening too.

a SOBER discussion is what is needed here & NOT cocktails or "adult" beverages.

immature & counter-productive, i feel, but i'm sure I will get slammed for this opinion, too.

THANK-YOU to ALL the candidates & citizens who attended.Especially the ones that truly despise me,,,

A great time was had by all & The Main Course & Bruce Kazan are to be thanked & appreciated. ( NOT harassed )

BTW,, the Lemonade was deeeelish,,


Martin McPhillips said...

Irony-deficient anemia.

Pete Healey said...

Now if one could find a Martin McPhillips who is registered to vote in the Village of New Paltz, we would no longer discount his "opinings" by 75% at every reading. But, alas, it is simply not possible to find such a one!

Martin McPhillips said...

Would the money that Mrs. McP and I pay in taxes on our home on Huguenot Street go to paying your salary as mayor, Healey?


And who is this "we" you pretend to speak for?

pete healey said...

Answering a question with two questions(or was that three), neither of which answers the original question? It may be clever rhetoric but that's all.

Martin McPhillips said...

You didn't ask a question, pal. You insinuated.

But you might recall that when you came to my door a few years ago asking for my support for an earlier run for office, I politely explained to you then that I don't vote in New Paltz because I also have another place of residence and that I am registered there.

And you would never presume to question me about my status as a citizen of New Paltz if I supported you or your postions. Apparently, if you are unable to handle the arguments, you next aim to dismiss the taxpaying citizen as somehow disqualified to comment.