Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Paltz School Board Candidates 2011

Four candidates have submitted their names for election to the New Paltz School Board on Tuesday, May 17th. In ballot order:

Brian Cournoyer

Stephen J. Bagley

Patrick Rausch (incumbent)

Michael Hekking

Incumbent Steve Greenfield did not submit petitions to get on this May's ballot.

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MaryAnn said...

My only hope is for some "diversity" on the board - I'm tired of seeing every vote come back "everybody against Edgar" - because I gotta say, I don't usually agree with Mr Rodriquez, but I don't see the point of a board if they're always in agreement (yes, this is a broad generalization) I love how he isn't afraid to totally speak his mind, I love how he doesn't agree for the sake of agreeing but I hate how he makes everything about race. I really don't think the board as a whole is connected with the the people of the community and I really get the impression they're there to agree with Maria Rice or push their own personal agendas and ideas and not necessarily the good of the whole community.