Friday, April 22, 2011

Draft "Full Consolidation Study Report" Released on Web

Draft "Full Consolidation Study Report"


The DRAFT Full Consolidation Study report provides a detailed account of the Steering Committee's efforts to analyze and compare the feasibility and impacts of various options for consolidation of the Town and Village of New Paltz. The report focuses on the creation of a Coterminous Town/Village as the preferred option for consolidation, though there is discussion of other options that have been identified (including Village Dissolution and the creation of a City).
Previous versions of the draft were reviewed with the Steering Committee, and comments or questions received were used to make revisions. A summary of the questions and the response to each is also provided in Appendix A (Question Log).
This version of the DRAFT Full Consolidation Study report is being made available to residents of the Town and Village, as well as members of the Community Advisory Committee, for the purposes of gathering public input regarding the pros and cons of consolidation. It is hoped that the details provided in the DRAFT report regarding how consolidation might occur and the impacts it would have on taxes and other areas will help residents as they consider their position on the matter.
A series of public meetings will be scheduled in order to gather public input on the findings documented in the DRAFT report. These meetings will be publicized here on the project web site calendar and via other means, so stay tuned.

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