Monday, August 24, 2009

What is the plural of caucus?

I have written a bit about the Dems in this town, along with their impending caucus on Monday Sept 14th - At the high school at 7:00pm New Paltz Democrats! I know of no new candidates since I blogged last on the topic.

But there is another caucus in this town, held by the Republicans. It will be held on Wednesday, Sept 9th, 7:00pm at the Town of New Paltz Community Center (behind Town Hall).

Interestingly enough, ALL Democrats up for reelection - Toni Hokanson, Jeff Logan, Kitty Brown, Jonathan Katz, Phil Johnson - those same registered, incumbent Dems that their own party chose not to endorse - interviewed with the Republican party - as in, they are seeking the Republican endorsement and ballot line.

Can we all say BLECH! I am not a strident Democrat, but this is ridic people! I am one of those people who actually thinks there is a difference between the Democrats and Republicans, and switching hats for political expediency, for me, is well, shameless and pathetic.

As a registered Democrat (albeit conflicted), this will certainly impact my vote at the Democratic caucus.

According to Butch Dener, the only invited, announced candidate to decline an interview was Mike Nielson for Highway Superintendent. Mike is a registered Democrat who has already been endorsed by the Working Families and Independence Party. Mike says his views are not in line with the Republican Party, and he is focusing on beating his opponent, Phil Johnson, at the Democrat Caucus (and at the polls in November). I like his style.

There is one Republican seeking a nomination at the Republican Caucus. As per Butch, Ken Campbell has expressed a desire to be nominated. I know him not at all, except that he wrote a poorly written letter in support of Phil Johnson in the New Paltz Times a couple weeks ago. Update: Ken is a Democrat also, and probably will also try for the nomination at the Dem Caucus.

Butch also says, "WE ARE NOT endorsing anyone,, but ,,, I will entertain comments from the floor,,, maybe, in favor of a candidate,,, maybe..."

The only other ballot line activity I have heard about is that Toni Hokanson collected enough signatures to get on her self-created independent "Common Good" party, which in the paper this week she said was "an insurance policy to make sure I'm on the ballot."

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John Bligh said...

I'm not sure who comes off worse here: The Republicans, who don't seem to have anyone of their own to run, or the Dems, who seem to be tearing apart at the seams.

I always thought it was "Caucuses", btw... But "Cauci" sounds much cooler.

Martin McPhillips said...

There is no Republican Party to speak of in New Paltz.

That has to be laid, at least nominally, at the feet of the putative leader of the party whose job it is to find viable candidates.

The last Republican candidate for supervisor, John Orcutt, nearly won, four years ago. That should have registered with local Republicans that the New Paltz Democratic clique had become incoherent. But the Republicans showed no interest in even inquiring as to why they had done so well in the 2005 supervisor contest. They surrendered to irrelevancy in the aftermath of a near victory.

The factions that seem to be competing within the New Paltz Democratic Party are none too attractive themselves, but one has to be sympathetic with those Democrats looking for a way out of re-nominating the current supervisor.

Although, I think that they are more than capable of doing even worse, which would be no small achievement.

Steve Greenfield said...

Orcutt did well because he spent an unprecedented amount of money. It was a state legislature race budget. And he still lost. Butch learned something you still don't see. The numbers now are so against Republicans that Republicans see better ways to spend, rather than waste, their money.

What the Democratic Party is up to now is anyone's guess. Most likely they're up to nothing, and whoever calls the most friends to come to the caucus will win office in November.

Mike Nielson is showing tremendous character and principle. I hope everyone who's interested in those qualities in a public servant comes to the Dem caucus to make sure he becomes the new Highway Superintendent.

Anonymous said...

Every Democrat should come to the Caucus. There are all kinds of rumors as to who may be surfacing at the last minute--- both good and bad potential choices. In New Paltz, the democratic caucus really is election day!!!!!