Monday, August 24, 2009

How did we get here? (2)

Ray Curran, Planning Board Chair, has just announced that this is not a public hearing. Only solicited input by the board will be heard tonight. There will be a public hearing on Sept 1st.

Tonight is a working meeting - no decisions will be made.

Bill Mulchahy is here and is filming.

first agenda item: phasing in of the DOT required turn lane, applicant will update issue tonight.

An older lady just asked that the thermostat be turned down... the response it that the AC is working the best it can at this time. Windows are now being opened. Some by the mayor himself.

chazen rep is presenting an alternative to the original left turn lane - until it is ultimately constructed. that the lane is not needed for the the occupancy levels at the opening phase (but what if they never get the right of way??? wonders kt) they say they will enter into agreement with the property owner soon, terence has asked what are the guarentees it will get signed. they say they have a "gentlemen's agreement".

drahten (village lawyer, sorry i know i am spelling her name wrong) is saying that from an attorney point of view, nothing can move forward without a site plan application (and that this should have been done a long time ago.) ray curran clarifies that in early formulations the developer did not know they would need this, something about the county and its purview.

ray curran is saying that we need a plan b if they don't succeed in getting the right of way - and the answer is that occupancy will not fully be able to be met.

dave clouser is now speaking - he had the numbers rerun on the DOT specs - you could only get to 60-70% max run without the left turn lane.

developer keeps saying the agreement is forthcoming, next week at the latest and does not see a need for talk of a plan b.

dave clouser adds: one of the conditions of site plan approval is embodied in this issue, it must happen to get a C of O.

linda welles would like more evidence that they can provide this agreement before the public hearing on sept 1st. it is silly - kt's words - to have the hearing if this is not resolved my then.

linda welles wants to know if there are safety implications of constructions at the entrance of the site while people are moving in. they say they will have traffic control personnel and it will be on the "side" of the road. ray curran is saying it is such a small amount of people moving in early. (kt asks? number please?) linda asks! 55 people from from sep 14th to oct 31st.

dave clouser reemphasizes, again, not C of O without the right of way in writing.

kt tobin flusser 7:40 pm

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