Monday, August 24, 2009

How did we get here? (5)

WAIT -- shheeshh - another topic at the end... some other right of way issue at the back of the Lent subdivision.... property owner is here and does NOT appear to be amenable to granting the right of way... it is the secondary access entry

Curran - this is very similar to the earlier discussion and it needs to go to public hearing.. but we don't have the info we need to get there yet.

Drayton - they can only build half the road right now. The VPB needs a plan - a site plan amendment.

Curran - that is the only way they can get it on the sept 1st docket.

ok, now i am really out, even if they keep talking. out.

kt tobin flusser 9:43pm


John Bligh said...

Wow. Just like the wild, wild west!


kt tobin flusser said...

They voted 3-1 to put it on the Sept 1st public hearing. Terence was the dissenting vote, I think he thinks it was not fair enough public notice.

It truly just amazes me that WP left all these incredibly precarious requirements for the C of O till now... first residents are set to move in on Sept 14th. crazy.

Anonymous said...

wow kt!!!!!!! That's all I can say. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I am the property owner in the Lent Farm subdivision. I do NOT plan on granting any right of way over my property. I have been telling everyone that from day one. WP will NOT have a secondary access road via Lent Farm. They currently have the other half of the road which they can use as an emergency access road but they need the full width road to make it a secondary access road.

This is not going to be resolved quickly. WP suggests that maybe they can use Erman Lane as their secondary access road. I am in favor of this but the Village Planning Board would need to approve this change.

I also wonder if those traffic analysis performed for the left-turn-lane issue at the main entrance considered the fact that WP will not have the secondary access road.

Andy Loyer
my email is FirstName at LastName dot com

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone is still reading these comments but I wanted to clarify my previous one.

Today I met with the town board and I represented that I had never opposed a secondary access road between WP and Lent Farm. One of the board members had read this blog and my previous comment and called me out on this. He was correct. I wrote him an email tonight and apologized and decided that I should post an updated comment.

Here goes:

For quite some time now, I have been trying to get the secondary access road between Lent Farm and WP moved 25 feet away from my property. I even filed a town planning board application and met with them on 6/8/09.

At the time I wrote my previous comment to this blog (8/26/09), nothing was happening with my application to move the road. At the village planning board meeting, it was made to seem like it was a matter of days/weeks before this issue would be resolved. I wanted everyone to be clear that it would take much longer and that there was no active negotiations going on.

In my previous comment, when I said that I did not plan on granting any right of way and that WP wouldn't have a secondary access road, it was based upon the current planned location of the road (which runs through my front yard and driveway). What I failed to mention was that I was agreeable to my proposed moved secondary access road. I also failed to mention that I am not against the concept of a secondary access road but rather where the secondary access road was positioned.

Obviously, if I had the choice, I would prefer to keep my cult-de-sak.

I would also like to mention that WP has been great throughout all of this. I don't want to mention specific names for privacy reasons, but there are a few really honorable people working with WP that I have had the pleasure to meet.

I am actively working with WP now to find an agreeable solution to all parties. We are hoping to move as quick as possible. I am optimistic.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Andy Loyer
my email is MyRealFirstName at MyRealLastName dot com