Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is the plural of caucus? (2)

My post on the Republican caucus inspired a lot of spirited emails and phone calls... Please, a reminder - a "gadfly is used to describe someone who persistently challenges people in power, the status quo, or popular positions". The fact that this riled up so many of you - so much so - that many of you felt the need to communicate with me with such anger and horror and a strong, strong need to clarify, means, well, that the Gadfly is doing her job well.

That said, here's some updates:
1) The Democratic incumbents who were not nominated by their own party did not seek out the Republican party. The Republican party chair, Butch Dener, initiated, as in, he invited them.
2) Just because they were all amenable to the idea of the interview, not all of them interviewed. Jeff Logan was out of town and Jonathan Katz because of a "brain freeze" by Butch. :)
3) Just because they were open to the idea of interviewing, that does not mean we know whether or not they will or will not attend the caucus, will or will not get nominated, and/or accept or reject the Republican nomination if so chosen. That all remains to be seen - for all of the candidates.

Okay, enough for today. I will have a lot more to say about local politics, partisanship, and strategy - so stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder the emails and phone calls were "spirited". Your description of the contacts between the Republican Party chair and the Democratic candidates was wholly inaccurate in your first posting, and was "corrected" in your second posting. Sorry but that doesn't mean you're doing your job as a gadfly, it just means you had it wrong. Thank you for correcting it.
Pete Healey