Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gadfly throws his hat in the ring

The political insiders are talking about it, so I should as well.  Last Thursday I accepted the Republican nomination for County Legislature in the new District 20, which is comprised of the Village of New Paltz (election districts 1, 4, and 9) and the adjacent Cherry Hill area (election district 8).

I was asked to step up after lamenting the lack of choice in local elections, and I thought hard about it before choosing to accept.  I won't say I thought long and hard, because I was asked a week ago Monday, but I didn't agree without thinking it through thoroughly.

Since I entered this race quite late compared to the other candidates, and since I'm not the lifelong political operative typical of these campaigns, I have a lot to learn about the process and about how people in this district feel about their county government.  This blog is a testament to my values and my progressive beliefs, which I will apply tirelessly to the job.

I understand that some people don't want to vote for a Republican in this day and age, believing that anyone with that label will blindly follow the GOP in lockstep.  There was a similar belief about Roman Catholics voting the Pope's conscience until about 60 years ago.  My early supporters include members of the Democratic, Green, Working Families, Republican, and Independence parties, and my heart is warmed by their encouragement.

Please like my Facebook page below to keep in touch as I build my campaign's infrastructure.  By tradition, we Gadflies may announce our candidacy here, but we don't use this blog as a campaign platform.

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Martin McPhillips said...

Given time, more power, and the largest budget it can extract from residents, I think that Ulster County government can easily turn itself into something that reflects the fine tradition of New York State as one of, if not the most bloated and corrupt of the states.

What a head start the Ulster County Jail provides for upholding that tradition.

And according to this...

...New York is now ranked 50th among the states in terms of freedom. Well, 50 out of 57 isn't that bad. Better keep piling on that government! We can do better!

Brittany Turner said...

you've got my vote!