Friday, September 17, 2010

South Putt Corners Road - Update

In response to hearing about the positive change in the South Putt Corners road improvement and widening project status on the county priority list, my friend Laura said, "Incredible! Great news for many, and a jolt of restored faith in the public process."

I agree, it is GREAT to be able to tell this success story. Not only has the project been moved up the list, but the timeline is now shorter and the design work will start this year and the entire project will be completed by 2015 (in contrast to the previous 2018 in place before we even got knocked off the top of the list).

This is all a result of activism by New Paltz community members and reaction to it by local and county officials. Bill Weinstein, chair of the New Paltz Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee deserves tremendous credit for crafting and distributing the petition, and for getting all the important players to plead the case - as in the town and village boards and the school district. Thanks to Mike Hein and Dennis Doyle for listening, understanding, and responding.

As far as my own personal dilemma about letting my son walk from the village to the high school - after all my angst, discussion, and blogging about whether or not he should be allowed to walk, he was allowed to walk. On the first day of school he walked - 2 miles each way - on a lot less sleep than he was used to getting (and with a guitar lesson to walk to after school to make things fun.)

And then he decided, after ONE day, that he would prefer the bus and has taken it ever since.

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