Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Paltz Central School District Seeks Community Input

from the NPCSD press release -

New Paltz Central School District Seeks Community Input:
District Issues Open Invitation to Join Comprehensive Facilities Planning Process

New Paltz … The New Paltz Central School District invites district residents, taxpayers, parents and business owners to take part in its Comprehensive Facilities Planning process. To learn more about the process, the public is invited to attend two open enrollment informational meetings this month:

· Thursday, September 23rd at 7:00 PM at New Paltz High School Auditorium

· Monday, September 27th at 7:00 PM at Lenape Elementary Cafeteria

The informational meetings, as well as the entire planning process, will be facilitated by the district’s architecture and engineering consultant, CSArch, of Newburgh, New York. Attendees will learn the goals of the Comprehensive Facilities Planning process, as well as how information, demographics, and ideas from numerous sources will be gathered, compiled, analyzed and shared with the public and the Board of Education.

As part of the process, eight stakeholder groups are currently being formed to represent every facet of the New Paltz Central School District community. Beginning in October, each group will meet up to three times. The forum will provide an opportunity for the public to learn in detail about the state of district facilities, fields and grounds, as well as voice ideas and concerns for the future of district properties.

“The District is creating the Stakeholder Groups to establish open lines of communication and receive clear opinions and ideas from the public,” said Maria Rice, Superintendent of New Paltz Central School District. “It is extremely important that this process is transparent and inclusive so that everyone’s voice is represented in decisions about the future of our school facilities.”

There will be an opportunity to sign-up for a specific Stakeholder Group at the informational meetings. Interested parties can also learn about the process and sign-up to be a part of the Stakeholder Group online at the district’s website at

Stakeholder groups will include:

· Business Community / Service Organizations (Rotary, Lions Club, etc)

· Parents (includes PTA/PTSA)

· Community at Large

· Senior Citizens

· SUNY New Paltz

· Facility Use Groups (including sports organizations)

· Non-profits (Libraries, Mohonk Preserve, Greenworks, Arts Community)

· Municipalities (7 towns within the district, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Highway Department)

Individuals who are associated with the school district, including instructional and non-instructional staff, students, the district’s leadership team, the Health Advisory Committee, the Diversity Committee and the Board Facilities Committee will have an opportunity to provide ideas and feedback directly to CSArch facilitators through Input Committees. These individuals, as well as Board of Education members, are not eligible to serve as part of Stakeholder Groups.

The facilities plan is being carried out as part of the district’s Comprehensive Educational Master Plan. It coincides with requirements by the New York State Education Department for every school district to complete a district-wide Building Conditions Survey. Expenses incurred to complete the planning process are largely reimbursable by New York State.

All meeting minutes and recommendations will be documented on a special section of the district’s website pages entitled “4 Our Schools,” set-up specifically for the Comprehensive Facilities Planning Process. Visit the district’s website at

More detailed information about the Comprehensive Facilities Planning process will be available at the Open Enrollment Information Meetings and on the website. Please call Paige Lewis at CSArch Architecture |Engineering |Construction Management at (845) 561-3179 with questions about the process.

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gadfly3 said...

Why is S.U.N.Y New Paltz involved and why are they listed as a stakeholder

George D. said...

I'm curious as to what "stake" SUNY New Paltz as an institution has in this matter. It pays no taxes and routinely tells the local community to screw off. Why do we feel the need to indulge SUNY at all?

pete h. said...

So many committees, why so many?