Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Paltz District 7 Results

New Paltz District 7 Results: Democratic Committee Seat

Kitzman - 67
Torres - 33
Hokanson - 29
Honig - 61

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kt tobin said...

Terence said...

Hey Anonymous,

I don't really like that person either, but be a grown-up and put your name to it if you're going to attack someone like that. Your supportive comments are now in the comment graveyard because you're a little coward.

Paul Chauvet said...

Glad to see Kitzman (thanks to Josh Honig's work with getting his name on the ballot) pull through and win here.

kt tobin said...

hi Paul! we should talk... :)

Rose said...

I'm very happy to see that Gary and Josh won. They are individuals with integrity. We can trust them to do the right thing. Josh Honig deserves a lot of credit for standing up for what is right.

Anonymous said...

For the record Gary’s name would have appeared on the ballot regardless of Josh carrying the petitions. Dan Torres carried a petition for him so he could primary as well. Josh also carried petitions but added his name to make what would have been a three way primary a four way primary. Running a candidate against Gary was never about him being sick, it was about attendance. Well before Gary was sick he hadn’t been showing up to the meetings, carrying petitions, or coming to the conventions, that is the only role of a Democratic Committee person and he simply wasn’t doing any of those things.

Martin McPhillips said...

Has the process been streamlined so that the two local Democratic Committee winners automatically become members of the Republican Committee? Or maybe the Republicans can take the two losers to achieve balance (diversity? sustainability?). I see at least one former Republican nominee among the latter.

kt tobin said...

Oh, Martin, I totally, hears ya. And I think there may be lots of "available" seats on both the Republican and Green Party committees.

This and the situation with Don Kerr has really reinforced in me that what permeates the public discourse, most notably in the media, is so disconnected from reality as to be both ridiculous and surreal.

Pete said...

Yay, Martin. And people still say there are these huge differences between the Dems and Reps. Really?!? No, I mean, really?
With this cast of characters and this kind of behavior, why would anyone even want to be a Democrat anymore? I'm just sayin'.

butch dener ( happy now ? ) said...

Josh Honig is a cancer in this community
Toni Hokanson is one of the better elected officials we have had in a long time.
What is wrong with NP Dems ? Have they lost their way ?
Kitzman is a morally bankrupted old fool & Honig is just plain dangerous & wrong.
Shame on District 7 Dems & the rest of Corrinne's outlaws

New Paltz needs smart committed leaders not vindictive nasties with a personal agenda, like Josh Honig.
He was just using Kitzman's illness as cover for his personal political agenda,
Josh doesn't give a rat's ass about Kitzman being on the Committee -
he is very ill & not able to do the work of a committeeman, Josh would run over his own Mother ( if she admitted being his mother,,, hehehe ) if it would attack Toni !

Nice to see the NP Dems infighting go public.

Terence said...

Yes, Butch, I'm all about the age-old conservative value of personal responsibility, so I am most pleased that you are also willing to take responsibility for your words. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to actually live in the district you represent, more than 2 months a year? Just curious, b/c Torres lives in Pok as a student there.

George D. said...

Wow, I didn't think my opinion of Toni could go any lower. Then I read Butch's praise for her. That's the kind of endorsement most people should run away from.

Anonymous said...

You may serve on any Democratic Committee within your New York State Assembly District. Also, as long as some retains residency within the District it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by Butch Denner's comments. Toni Hokanson is his next door neighbor and close friend. She was on the Republican ticket last time that Butch pressured his caucus to approve. He is now protecting Hokanson like she was....well.... changing to the Republican Party. As a recent member of the Democratic Committee, I can't help but wonder what insider info she has been sharing with Butch. I also must question where Hokanson's loyalties really lie. Might she a sleeper tea party party member? Perhaps it is only a matter doing whatever it takes to promote her own interests!

Denice J.

bd said...

you truly amuse me denice j,

yes she lives across the street but so did Ernie Toscani & i never discussed making mozzarella with him.
I could care less what those "citizens" on the dem committee think or do
Toni is way too righteous a dem to tell me anything - stupid thought, paranoid dem ? oh my -
never wonder about where Toni's loyalty lies,

she is a real green tree-hugger & a liberal dem
BUT SHE actually cares about this community & is not as dumb as the rest of the greenie dems SHE understands that high taxes & no tax ratables will suffocate this Town.
as a FORMER member of the dem committee, you should re-think your foolish reality & get real.

oh, wait,, that ain't ever gonna happen you folks are too busy harrassing good tax paying businesses.

This is why NP will never move past where she is a traffic clogged, tourist overloaded stagnant town with one or two folks brave & smart enough to try & help her.


Terence said...

I think I agree with a lot of what you're saying, Butch, but over the years your positions have been so buried in your name-calling and grandstanding that I am just not sure.

But of course if you used that tactic less often I probably would have voted for you for Town Justice.

Anonymous said...

Bruce is sooo inconsistent. He says Toni Hokanson "is a real green tree-hugger & a liberal dem" yet, with his strong support, the New Paltz Republican Party has been endorsing her!!!! Does that mean that the Republican Party is now endorsing green, tree-hugging candidates with a liberal agenda??? I sure hope so.

Denice J.