Monday, November 2, 2009

Who I will be voting for

For New Paltz Highway Superintendent: Mike Nielson - on the Working Families line.

For County Court Judge: Deborah Schneer - on the Working Families line.

For County Clerk: Gilda P. Riccardi for Ulster County Clerk - on the Working Families line.

For Town Board and Supervisor -- since the incumbents have a cake walk with both the Republican and Democratic lines -- who should we write in, just for kicks? I am thinking Jason West and/or Guy Kempe and/or Terence Ward - what are your thoughts?


Brittany Turner said...

Did Pete Healey & Patrick O'Donnell have a cakewalk? Just saying... if you really believe in your republicrat candidate, you should vote for that person.

Terence said...

No thanks for votes in my name - or at least be one of the ignorant masses who misspells it even as it's staring them in the face so I can claim plausible deniability.

Brittany, let's remember whose job it is to convince kT and other voters to vote for a candidate - the candidate. We have all been reminded that every vote counts, and that even in a seemingly uncontested election it's probably a good idea to make an effort to get those votes out - starting by voting for yourself, if you're running. The unopposed candidates haven't done that, so if they lose they have only themselves to blame.

Martin McPhillips said...

For supervisor, lift the write-in thingy and vote "No."

Terence said...

I've long believed that a "no" option should be available for every political race nationwide.

Brittany Turner said...

@Terence, I think you've missed my point. I've always been annoyed, both before and after the last Village Election, whenver people adopt this "shoe-in" approach to democracy. It's absurd and completely contradictory. Also, a "no" option is available; we just went over that.


@Martin, if we were on Facebook right now, I would "Like" that 7,000 times!!!