Friday, July 3, 2009

Contest Extension

We've only gotten one-and-a-half entries to the banner contest for the Gadfly blog, so it will be extended. Please feel free to comment here if you have an idea for a more exciting prize that might appeal to graphic artists. I know I can specifically ask some (Matt Maley and Bill Mulcahy come to mind), but I'd rather just seek help in advertising the contest and getting entries.

Contest will continue until, oh, the rain stops for three days in a row. No, that's horrible, just kidding, let's push it out through July or until we get give entries, whichever comes first.


Bill Mulcahy said...

What was wrong with the cartoon you used before?

I could colorize it.

Terence said...

It's funny, but I don't have the artist's permission (unless it's you, Bill). Ideally I would have something that's unique to the blog and somewhat timeless, which is why the rules are set out as they are: