Sunday, May 17, 2009

On identifying blog post authors

I have had two people express to me that they have difficulty figuring out who has written a particular blog post.  The way the free and easy layouts on Blogger work, the poster's identity is always listed at the end, like it is done in a number of newspapers.  It's located just below the post text, along with the labels, date and time of the post.  It's a little bit smaller than the post's text, and is preceded by the words "posted by" and a colon.  I changed the text color so it's a bit darker, but any other changes would involve me spending far more time on this volunteer exercise than I have available.

If you happen to be good at CSS already, I'd be happy to let you take a crack at it, but honestly I don't think it's such a challenge to look at the bottom of the post to see who wrote it.  You have to do the same thing with the New Paltz Times, and although that paper has gotten many complaints from many people, I've never heard anyone grump about the location of the byline.

I have hopes that this blog will grow in diversity so that it can't be easily located on a political map, and if that happens the number of writers will be larger.  So far no confirmed Libertarians, Right to Lifers, Anarchists, Communists, or Rosicrucians have stepped up to the plate, but if you're consistently intelligent and civil and disagree with me more than a third of the time I'd like to talk to you.

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