Friday, May 29, 2009

Building Freeze Looms

Last night the Town Council voted 3-1 to move forward with an 18-month moratorium on subdivisions of four or more lots.  David Lewis was not present, and Toni Hokanson cast the dissenting vote.
  • The vote shows that, at least sometimes, the Town Council doesn't blindly follow Toni's lead, as I've often seen written in That Paper's letters column.  It may happen, but it didn't happen last night.
  • Toni has been consistent in her opposition to a moratorium before the comprehensive plan update is done - she feels that the time for one is afterwards, when the zoning code changes are tweaked.
  • Kitty Brown was consistent in her position that this type of idea should really come from the Planning Board.
  • Jonathan Wright, the gadfly and Planning Board member who has pushed for this for over two years, has been unable to get that body to recommend a moratorium.  He has always maintained that having the moratorium now is critical, because the zoning is broken and we should not be allowing any more bad subdivisions (read:  McMansions and strip malls) to be approved before we take a look at what types of development will really benefit the town, economically, culturally, and environmentally.
  • Jeff Logan worked hard on getting this passed, and showed a real commitment to doing to research and work necessary to be on the Council.  In other words, he's now officially underpaid ;) .
The language must be reviewed by the Town Attorney before a public hearing date may be set.


Anonymous said...

Man, I've got to get a TV so I can watch these things...ugh.

Terence said...

Watching the meetings can be great, but it's not worth giving your soul up.

kt tobin flusser said...

Wow. I must say I am surprised by JaneAnn's vote. Go JA!

With all the hub-bub about the comprehensive plan fiasco, I think this approach makes even more uber-sense. Thanks town board and gadflies that pestered for this!

Anonymous said...

What about commercial, strip, retail, industrial developments. Moratorium too?