Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cleaning up town hall

Anyone who had occasion to visit the town clerk's office in the decades prior to December, 2011, will be impressed by how the office now looks.

In addition to the lack of clutter out front, the clerk now has her own office in the back, in a room I am told was "floor to ceiling" packed with boxes, clothing, and a stunning amount of rubbish.

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Brittany Turner said...

WOW. That is impressive. And a true testament to why the Town Clerk shouldn't be an elected position anymore. The fact that the former Clerk was continually reelected, despite her blatant disregard for the public, records, and the care of historic documents should have been obvious grounds for dismissal - yet she was continually reelected because people don't know or care what the Clerk does, despite the fact that the position is one of the backbones of their government (and one of the few that has the potential to significantly support or undermine public access to information). While the public obviously wasn't engaged enough to do something about the problem, had she been appointed, the Town Board could have been able to do just that (not that they WOULD have, but they COULD have).