Thursday, January 12, 2012

Salary comparison: New Paltz and Lloyd

This week's New Paltz Times conveniently has the salaries for officials in New Paltz and Lloyd town government on opposite pages.  It's an interesting comparison.

  • New Paltz pays its supervisor $19,312 more than Lloyd
  • Board members earn $9,469 in Lloyd, $469 more than here
  • They pay their highway superintendent $19,000 more
  • Lloyd's town clerk makes an extra $7,755
  • Our justices get $2,614 less each than theirs
In all, New Paltz pays its town elected officials $14,547 less than its neighbor to the east.  The supervisor and highway superintendent are pretty much a wash; for some reason, each town values one of those positions significantly higher than the other.  Given that the highway superintendent's budget is part of the budget which the supervisor presents, it seems that New Paltz has had a strong supervisor for many years, while Lloyd's town council is comprised of people who watch out for the salaries of other positions instead.

Of course I'd rather see elected officials get paid minimum wage (with overtime, of course), complete with filling out time sheets, and I'd do it at all levels of government.

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