Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Water ban lifted

Boil Water Notice Lifted 9/13/11

Village and Town of New Paltz Public Water Supply

The Village of New Paltz in conjunction with the Ulster County Health Department are advising that the municipal water supply is once again, meeting and exceeding the standards set forth in the sanitary codes of New York State.

Therefore, the boil water notice is lifted and consumers of the Village, Town water districts and State University at New Paltz may again consume/ drink the water.

Additionally the Village Board extends their gratitude to all consumers inconvenienced during this event.


Martin McPhillips said...

I would love to know who wrote that.

Terence said...

All I know is that the email was sent by the village clerk. I wish the original notice had been sent out this way as well . . . it's much more important to tell people to START boiling than let them know it's safe to STOP.