Friday, January 7, 2011

Sennett is a "Formidable Candidate"

According to Hudson Valley Times reporter Hugh Reynolds, the Ulster County DA seat is "in play" this year and New Paltzian Jonathan Sennett is a "formidable candidate".

Many New Paltzians (& others in the county...) may have had a chuckle - I know I did - when Reynolds noted that Sennett needed, "some tweaking of out-of-step leftish tendencies".

What makes Reynolds think "leftish tendencies" would be out of step? Where's the evidence? Part of Sennett's previous campaign platform was to repeal the Rockefeller drug laws. Now that is a done deal.

What else you got? His predicted opponent, incumbent Holly Carnwright, has not exactly been, shall we say - "Tough on Crime". This portends to be a feisty election, I look forward to intense debates about how we handle crime and punishment in our county.

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