Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Palidino Campaign Stop in New Paltz Met with Protests

"There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That is not how God created us." -Carl Paladino

"Perhaps he should have known he'd face trouble in gay-friendly New Paltz." - ABC News

New Paltz Republican Party Chair Butch Dener and NYS Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino

American Gay Farmer Billiam Equality van Roestenberg and recently married Noa Simons

American Gay Farmer Billiam Equality van Roestenberg and recently married Noa Simons


Activist Tim Hunter "This guitar stops hate"

Activist Tim Hunter sings, loudly

Photos by Daniel Torres


Billiam van Roestenberg said...

We made a difference with only two hours notice.
Billiam van Roestenberg

Martin McPhillips said...

There's no telling what either candidate for governor will end up signing into law, but Paladino is least likely to sign a bill that mandates the transfer of more school costs to local districts as the state continues to settle into bankruptcy. But who knows. Local farmers and homeowners should think about that though.

On the other hand, the way Albany works, or doesn't work, the emphasis there could be on scavenging what's left on the state's fiscal bones for the rentseekers who can still pony up the tab. (Please, by all means, call the metaphor police.) And the governor, whoever it is, gets left out in windbag city, talking to himself.

Billiam van Roestenberg said...

Robin Yess you insult God and people of Ulster County.

How can you support someone going around spreading lies and filth. Someone who is spreading hate just to get votes. Robin Yess the Ulster County republican Chair is doing just this. She has brought shame and disgrace to New Paltz and Ulster County. Her greed for power has led her to think unclearly and we are all paying for it. Media in the Tri-state area covered Ms Yess's embarrassment. She invited a terrible person at the worst time.

Some are saying Robin Yess is mentally unstable.

Since April the AP and other news organizations have published emails from Yess's buddy paladino; that his camp admitted; that are extreme to say the least. Sick, perverted hardcore images and captions that are sexist, perverted, racist and homophobic. Christians and conservatives do not ever condone and promote such things. Why did Ms. Yess endorse Paladino over Lazio and then invite paladino last week? Not only is the civilized world looking down on us but this adds fodder to others around the world. This person running for Gov. of the State of NY has created contradictions, distrust and confusion and makes people look down at us with disgust. How did this happen?

We had two hours notice that Ms. Yess had invited paladino’s circus to town. I changed appointments and jumped in front of the computer. Posting on my Facebook wall to my 4,700 friends and composing an email that goes out to my 17,800 contacts including 200+ press contacts. It was hard to believe that the teabaggers had actually decided to move forward with this in light of the fact that paladino’s campaign was in a tailspin from the latest remarks over the weekend.

It was Tuesday morning and I was hoping for a few people to turn up. I was excited to see a good amount of smart well-spoken good progressive people and elected officials on my side. I then saw Fawn Tantillo on the other side and it reminded me of ten years ago when the seed was planted to cultivate the good people of New Paltz to make history.

Within a few hours in front of all the press, I had the opportunity and asked diplomatically about his comments about Gay People in light of the suicides and torture of gay youth. Paladino, almost to my surprise once again, as his nature, answered off the cuff and off topic with an apology! Done! Contradicted himself big-time! Within a few hours he followed up with a press release and recent endorsements were lost and rescinded.

Billiam van Roestenberg said...

I will always speak out against republicans and a rare few Democrats because they have been taken over by unreasonable extremist fundamentalists of the far right. As a Gay American Farmer I will go out on a limb and fight for my rights just as others have before me. Freedom and equality for all not just for the religious terrorists. You might not like the truth when it is staring you right in the face but people like me are doing it more and more. Instead of finding faults with people like me and faults of everything around us; for a change I would like to hear how we could improve and find solutions. It is very simple to me; republicans talk poorly and hate gay people and then young kids are bullied, beaten up and commit suicide.

I do not or cannot discriminate against republicans; they are not a race or religion or protected class of any kind. republicans are a political party why do some people treat it like a cult? republicans like paladino and yess are thugs who I will fight like an enemy of bullies they are the extremists in our time and in my country.

If you are defensive of republicans, I suggest you take a few days and think about the fact that you are unable to admit real huge problems with the republican political machine.

I also suggest that you seek help and try like an addict to disengage and break the addiction that this most toxic poison called the republican party has done to you. You are not thinking clearly my friends you sound like the voices in the 1930's in Germany defending the Nazi's! You are not making any sense.

To Ms. Yess and her friend Mr. Paladino: Do not lie and pander for votes claiming you are a Catholic. As a Christian you can not get away with being a hypocrite for very long. Robin Yess and Carl paladino cannot talk out of both sides of their mouths for ever. It is now known you have collected rent and profited from Planned Parenthood and gay clubs for years. Ms Yess you may scream all you want at people but God knows and keeps track of people who support and keep the lies perpetuating. You have lost any credibility you had with your poor judgment. We cannot trust republicans like you with decisions in any capacity. You insult God and people of Ulster County.