Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gadflies on the horizon

I've been speaking with two potential new Gadflies, and may have gotten them both to agree and start posting within a week's time if all goes well.

New Gadflies mean new perspectives, and maybe even new issues discussed. The New Paltz Gadfly needs a diversity of bloggers in order to properly question all sides of issues relating to this community.

As a reminder, the basic standards for becoming a Gadfly are as follows:
  1. Decent command of written English.
  2. Ability to focus on an issue, rather than individuals.
  3. Disagree with me about something of interest (lest I inadvertently recruit a bunch of yes-bloggers.)
  4. Willingness to blog under your real name.
  5. Desire to blog about issues affecting New Paltz.
  6. Not being a jerk.
  7. Basic technical knowledge: if you have never commented here because you can't figure out how, then posting will only be more frustrating for all of us. Letters to the editor may be your best course of action (and more people will read them anyway).
Feel free to comment here or otherwise contact Terence to apply!


Anton Stewart said...

Ok, I got myself an account, reckon I can string a sentence together, have no problem being objective, certainly don't always see eye to eye with you - yet would vehemently defend your right to disagree, have no problem being held accountable for my words, live right here in the village and care about what's going on, do my very best to avoid jerkdom and generally come out best in any conflict with my computer.
Does this serve as adequate qualification?

Brittany Turner said...

At what point do violations of basic standards become cause for dismissal? Just for future reference.

Manysounds said...

I think I fail number six a little too often. Sadly I'm uncouth, frank, publicly debasing, loud, obnoxious and direct. I could never be a gadfly, unless you allow for moose-sized insects.

Clearly I should run for office.