Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blurry Party Lines

I guess New Paltz is not the only place where there are blurry party lines.

Blaber News reports that some heavy hitter Ulster County Democrats have donated to Republican county level candidates.

I believe this includes some Democrats on the county Democratic committee. (Jeremy - can you confirm?)

And, yes, that is New Paltz's Joe O'Connor's law firm that donated to the Republican campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Don Williams is the highest qualified candidate for this position. And the "Blaber-Blog" is just that...a bunch of idiotic blabber.
The Democrats royally messed this process up when they failed to nominate their most qualified candidate; Jonathan Katz.

That said, the person they did nominate has no experience to my knowledge of trying criminal cases. That is what the County Court Judge does. He or she deals with the most serious crimes in our County including rape, murder, abuse, assault, armed robbery.

So it is not at all, in my mind, scandalous for Democrats to be supporting Don Williams.
Regardless of party affiliation, those that want to contribute to a campaign should chose the person they feel is best for that position.

Brittany Turner said...

Wow, once Gadfly starts citing BlaberBlog, you shouldn't even bother calling it Gadfly anymore. KT, please stop pretending to be something you're not. You're a typical Dem, through and through - own it and be proud of it, but please stop pretending you're anything other than the status quo.

Anonymous said...


You sure do care an aweful lot about a community you live 2500 miles away from. If it is that important that you continuously comment on it, defame some of its residents, and sign the petitions of others as if you actually still lived here (and a Democrats at that!!), then why did you leave in the fist place?

You have become a nosey little Californian poking around in New Paltz local politics. I can only hope that you are as active in your own community as you appear to be in New Paltz, but I doubt it. You just don't have the credibility.

Brittany Turner said...

I never signed a petition that I was ineligible to sign. You can check with the BOE if you'd like. :)

I've always been nosy/poking around in NP local politics, and don't consider myself any more a Californian than a New Paltzian. I'm not going to be defined by something as ridiculous as geography... or a party, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

You both deserve each other!