Thursday, April 2, 2009

Responsive Government

For about eighteen months now I have been a regular attendee at the New Paltz School District school board meetings. This is the second budget process I have had a front row seat for (literally). Throughout these two cycles, myself and others, via public comment at board meetings, and now this year, via a school district budget blog, have requested more detail -- down to the line items -- on the proposed budgets.

And guess what. Last night, by a vote of 5-2 (Rod Dressel and David Dukler dissenting), our school board voted to post the full, detailed, line item proposed (draft 3) budget on the district's website. You can see it here.

WOW! KUDOS to our school board! Thank you for listening.

(See, being pesky works!)

kt tobin flusser

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Martin McPhillips said...

If being allowed to see budget details about how the school district will be spending your money qualifies as "responsive government," then the new devalued meaning of "responsive" will be a huge development for work rules in the sex industry.