Sunday, December 28, 2008

Field Trip to the Recycling Center

So I made a video about going to the recycling center. If I go back I'll try to interview Laura Petit, maybe learn some things I didn't know about the program.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that was probably more informative than you think! (And yes, the sound was fine.)


Laura Petit said...

Ah, but businesses ARE required to recycler, and are, in fact, the largest generators of recyclable material! I too applaud PDQ's stride to be environmentally conscious, and with no economic is my understanding that refuse/recyclable removal cost remained the same when Craig had all of the paper recycling containers delivered. With that, the RRA has a new vehicle, a compliance enforcement officer, and the County has appointed a Hearing Examiner. Let the complaints against all those non-compliant businesses, residents, and multi-family dwellings come in! (845) 336-3336 is the County hotline, and if you don't get a response, call your local representative!

Anonymous said...

My, my, my. The Gadfly in chief is certainly one sarcastic bloat.

Anonymous said...

All this self-righteous chest pounding about about having a Toyota Prius. You've already acknowledged that the gas mileage is not a compelling reason to own one. Now if your analytical mind could focus on the pollution footprint on the earth to manufacture the initial batteries, replace the batteries x times during ownership and also battery disposal-- maybe, just maybe, we can have an intelligent discussion about whether or not it is better for the environment.

The Hybrid hype reminds me of the cloth diaper vs. the disposable diaper debate of environmentalists from yester year. Mothers were considered environmental cretins if they didn't use cloth diapers. Yet, independent studies showed that the environmental advantage of one over the other is not so clear. Same debate for plastic vs. paper sacks at the foodstore.

I so wish the "Gadflies" could channel some of their intellect in ways that show enlightened openmindedness.