Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet the Gadflies

New Paltz Gadfly isn't intended to be a solo operation - anyone who fits the requirements is permitted to throw their two cents in! Here's a list of contributors to the blog:

Terence P Ward is a freelance writer who has been slowly revising his personal history, and expects to have been born in New Paltz by 2015. Right now he's claiming to have lived here for twenty years. His user picture reflects a time when he had short hair, something he misses more and more as he tries to create a donation for Locks of Love.

KT Tobin Flusser is Chair of the Save the Middle School and is a close watcher of the New Paltz Board of Education. She is on the steering committee for New Paltz GreenWorks and has more initials than anyone else in New Paltz. KT is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at SUNY Albany, her dissertation topic is women in politics in Ulster County.

The New Paltz Gadfly seeks to be a blog that brings in views from a number of different New Paltz perspectives. Among those that have been invited to participate but have not yet done so are Butch Dener, Rachel Lagodka, Ira Margolis, and Mike Cerasaro.

Want to be a gadfly? It's easier than you think to do! There are a few simple rules you have to agree to follow:
  1. You must live in New Paltz.
  2. Your posts must relate to New Paltz.
  3. You have to post under your real name. We're all neighbors here, and the New Paltz Gadfly isn't a forum for anonymous personal attacks. Take responsibility for your words.
  4. The administrator reserves the right to delete posts that are out of bounds of good taste, which will like involve excessive profanity, unadulterated hate speech, and flat-out libel.
Think you fit the bill? Then get yourself a blogger account and slap a comment onto this post. You'll be up and complaining in no time.


shari soborn said...

My twelve year old son, Holden, asked if he could "google" his name. After limited results appeared, I decided to enhance the search by cross referencing his name with my name. We then proceeded to google all his siblings names and I was upset to see the New Paltz Journal appear when we searched my son Dashiell's name cross referenced with mine. I had heard of the NPJ but had never read it. With my son present, I had to resist reading what there was to say about me (my children have all had enough of that lately) but I am concerned about the day when Dashiell, who is now only four, will want to google his name. My hope is that maybe by that time the writer/s of the NPJ will finally come out and my son and I can talk to them directly about thier work and thier opinions. All of our children have names connected with literature -- I now regret not choosing his middle name, Beckett, as his first! Best, Shari Osborn

Rachel said...

Dan said...

Terence -is it 5-days or 10-days notice to schedule a new Planning Board meeting? Thx
Dan Winfield